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Editor and Cinematographer

Inspired by the horror genre, a short film was created as a collaborative project for the VFX module at Edinburgh Napier University.

The story evolves around a girl who sees things and hear voices which aren’t there, and is making her believe that she is being followed by a supernatural spirit. As the story continues, the story reveals that everything the girl experienced took place in her mind, and she has been the supernatural spirit the entire time.
With previous experience as camera operator I, along with the VFX editor role, took on the role as cinematographer as a genre such as horror requires specific camera angles.



The project required thorough pre-production and delegation as it was the first collaborative visual effect project, and all team members were new at working with special effects. It was important to assign projects which each member were comfortable creating.

Despite being new with VFX, I decided to take on a challenge and create the unrealistic animated eyes which can be seen starting at 01:00.
Every scene has a specific layer of colour correction, which I also helped create in order to get the right feel, whether inside, outside or at the mental institution.


The Foundry: NukeX

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro

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