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Behind Blurred Lines

Camera Operator

Focusing on University students, a short campaign film was produced with the intention to bring awareness to the dangerous outcome binge drinking can have. Using a split screen, the short displays a two worlds with a positive and negative outcome of drinking, and what might happen if consuming without responsibility.


The campaign was made in start 2015. My roles on the project were to operate the camera through the majority of the film as well as help the cinematographer decide the best places and angles for the production.



The entire process took a month to complete as there was a lot of planning and pre-production which needed attention.


When delegating assignments I chose to be a camera operator as I wished to enhance my camera skills. As the majority of the footage took place inside a club, all recording needed to be done within the same night.
I enjoyed the role of camera operator which allowed me to develop skills relevant in the field of movie producing.


The Foundry: Nuke

Adobe Premiere Pro

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